About khs-instruments


Since 1993 we design and manufacture hardware and corresponding software* for our customers in industry, universities and research institutes.

It is our business to find the best solution together with our customers.

Our core capabilities:

Hardware design & development
   - FPGA
   - Signal conditioning

Software design & development
   - Driver
   - Firmware

 - Mechanical prototyping

 - Instrument manufacturing from prototype to 1000

Since 2014 we use a pick and place machine to reduce costs and improve the quality of our products. Due to our powerful configuration software - even for a single unit - the configuration work is less compared to placing the parts by hand.

To help satisfy our customers, we provide two years of warranty and free support for lifetime for all of our products.

*Our products include software and drivers for win XP / W7 / W10 (32+64) operating systems.

About,  last updated: 10/2016


Some milestones

1993       First dual channel PC readout (ISA ) for thermoelectric
                and pyroelectric sensors

1996       ISA-CCD low cost linescan camera

1997       khs-µOS, multitasking instrument controller
                with stepper controller and LED display

1998       PCI-CCD
                Laser Diode Driver

1999       First PC readout PCMIA card for thermoelectric
                and pyroelectric sensors

2000       LCCD, low cost readout for CCD sensors

2001       8 head CMOS readout

2002       4 Mpixel CMOS Camera
                First USB-CCD linescan camera

2003       USB-InGaAs, USB-CMOS
                Ultrasound flowcontroller

2004       USB NMOS
                khs µOS, LCD display

2005       DLL with multicamera support
                migration to USB 2.0

2005       40 MHz 16 bit cameralink to usb adapter, 128 MB buffer
                4 head backthinned multihead camera
                1K x 1K linescanner with programmable scanner mirror

2006       Cooled InGaAs with peltier DC/DC
                New USB driver with timeout
                multihead cammera with 10 heads a 2048 pixel

2007       Isolated nA meter 0.5pA resolution
                Frame synchronized flashlamp driver

2008       Diode readout for stepper driver filter-wheel
                USB readout for Zeiss MMS spectrometer

2009       Cooled backthinned camera with E2V sensor

2010       Multihead X ray camera
                expandable I/O with stepper controller & driver

2011       Low noise cooled NMOS camera

2012       DLL reports spurious errors

2013       Low noise cooled backthinned CCD Camera

2014      1000+ oem cameras shipped
               Start design SUSIE to make tests
               easier and faster.

2015      USB/serial readout for Zeiss MMS spectrometer

2016      SUSIE Instrument Controller
               FPGA temperature controller with 10 mK stability.

2017      Mini Spectrometer.

2018      USB2-NMOS 512 Camera with Line Management.