Stencil-Printer  MT-SP-A4

Stencip Printer TM-SP-A4

The MT-SP-A4 is a precision manual stencil printer (or screen printer) designed for prototyping small-series pc-boards down to 0.5 mm pitch of the smd parts. It is designed for prototype non framed stencils and can operate in the range from about 30 mm x 30mm to 200mm x 200mm.

Due to the patent pending design the repeatability for small-series pc-boards is limited only by the accuracy of the used pc-boards. The pc-board are fixed by massive holders, so in most cases there is no need for a readjustment making small series, this reduces the time for printing significantly. By design the MT-SP-A4 is ready for double sides pc-boards.

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max pc-boardsize:                   105 mm x 180 mm.   
min  pc-boardsize:                        7 mm x 5 mm.   
repeatability:                              0.005 mm (Stencil, pc-board holder, stencil).   
pc-board thickness:                 1.0 mm and 1.6 mm.   
stencil thikness:                        about 80 m - 180 m steel, for no framed stencil only.
Double-sided PCB:                  Yes; max hight 8 mm.   
weight:                                        1.1kg.   
size:                                            170 x 280 x 45 mm.
Excellent price / performance ratio.

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  last updated: 11/2018