OEM Products

khs-instruments provide a wide range of OEM products.
All of our components are part of a powerful construction kit, so in most cases the development work (and costs) for a new application is manageable

Our know-how covers all aspects from the sensor to the digital user interface:

 - Stepper / Peltier drivers

 - Sensor and Actuators

 - Signal conditioning

 - Analog - Digital conversion

 - Digital signal processing (e.g. FPGA)

 - Micro controller firmware

 - Interface (USB, serial)

 - Drivers

 - Software (GUI/DLL)

This enables us to provide even for a very low volumes, customer specific solutions especially in the range 1 to 10 units

last updated 08/17



From a standard USB2-CCD without housing to a complete customized product.

If you need adapted- or special hardware/software - no problem: We develop our hard and software with a very powerful development-kit.

So we can offer you a product according your specifications  (if it’s not too complex) without any development costs !

Product Range:

¤ Precision current sources.
¤ Stepper motor controllers.
¤ Low noise CCD linescan cameras.
¤ Precision temperature measurement components.
¤ Precision pH measurement.

Feel free to send an e-mail with your requirements.

Please contact us for OEM products matching your special requirements regarding performance and price.