Product Overwiew

Line Scan Products:

khs-instruments provide a wide range of OEM and standard products.
Here you find our standard line scan products. Do not hesitate to contact khs-instruments if you cannot find the line scan camera matching your requirements. Most of our business is made with customer specific products.

Unlike 2D-cameras, line scan cameras have only one single line with optical sensitive elements (pixel). The advantage is, in most cases there are more pixels in one line and larger pixels compared to 2D-cameras.

Because there is only one single line, the readout or line cameras can be much faster. Larger pixel can collect more electrons, so the noise of the line camera can be much lower.

Our products include different line scan cameras with CCD (charge coupled device) sensors, line scan cameras with NMOS (n-type metal-oxide semiconductor) sensors, line scan cameras with CMOS (Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) sensors and line scan cameras with InGaAs sensors for the near infrared region from 800 nm to 1500 nm and more.

Standard CCD line scan cameras are low cost and provide a reasonable readout rate and sensitivity.

For low light level application back thinned CCD cameras available. Because the pixels are very near to the surface, back thinned CCD provide about the double of sensitivity compared to front illuminated CCD line scan cameras.

The reduce the dark current, backthinned CCD line scan cameras are often cooled. Backthinned CCD line scan cameras with the Hamamatsu S7031 and similar sensors are available. Please contact khs-instruments for more information.


Our new low cost spectrometers are based on our proven line scan products, so we was able to reuse most of our hardware and  software.

Because the signal to noise ratio of the low cost spectrometer heads do not match the requirements of our customers, we added a 32 bit signal processor to reduce the noise and minimize the processor load. This is essential for multi-head spectroscopy.

The wavelength calibration data is stored on the spectrometer board, so in most cases there is no need for calibration files and the spectrometer can be replaced without any software modifications.

Software & Driver:

The interface od the line cameras uses USB in most cases. Some cameras provide RS232 and other SPI. Drivers for W10 (32+64) are included.

All cameras are controlled and automatically configured by the same DLL. The DLL reads the configuration data from the camera, so in many cases the user only need to call two functions of the DLL: Read data and set the exposure time.

First Steps using the khsdll.dll


Our business is to design and manufacture low volume products. To do this, we design and develop our own tools to reduce our costs and improve our quality and efficiency.

One example is our new precision stencil printer TM-SM-A4 to place the solder paste on our printed circuits boards. Due to its excellent reproductivity it reduces the readjustment time for the stencil for the following  board to a minimum.

last updated: 12/2023