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Since 1993 we design and manufacture hardware and corresponding software for our customers in industry, universities and research institutes.

Our products are designed to run 24/7/365 and include line cameras, spectrometers and instrument controllers.

It is our business to find the best solution together with our customers.

We do not use USB to serial converters. We have our own USB firmware stack together with signed W10/W11 USB drivers. So there is never the need to adjust serial device numbers.

Isolated USB DAQ Card
with 20 AD/DA I/O’s:

    This new low cost data acquisition card  (DAQ) provides 20 I/O's per card isolated and powered from USB bus.

              -  Channels:  20.
              -  I/O Function: ADC / DAC.
              -  Resolution: 12 bits.
              -  Range -10V to + 10V.
              -  Accuracy: Better 1%.
              -  Readout: 1.5 ms typ.
              -  Research & development
              -  ATE Automatic Test
              -  Low cost Cable Test up to 2400 I/O’s.


New Products:

USB DAQ Card with 20 channels

Isolated USB 2.0 OEM Line Scan Camera: USB2-CCD-3700-200

    This usb line scan camera provides an isolated USB 2 high speed interface to avoid ground loops. Due to the high readout speed continuous data readout is possible.
    Features      -  3648 pixel 8µm x 200 µm.
                         -  Min exposure: 7.9 ms.
                         -  Data rate:   3 Mbytes  / s.
                         -  Resolution: 12 bits.
                         -  Dark noise: 3 counts rms.
                         -  Full well capacity: 160 Ke-.
                         -  W10 / W11 - 64 SW / driver.
                         -  LabView driver.

LabView Driver for line camera
usb line scan camera with TCD1304

BOM / Stock Manager with optional Price calculation:

- Order your Parts  in Minutes

- Find your Stock Parts in Seconds

    This bom/stock management software is a low cost but powerful solution for small companies to manage production better and reduce administration work especially stock management and very simple and fast price calculation    
    Features     -  Bom management.
                         -  Multiple Board BOM Management.
                         -  Price calculation including setup
                            and development costs. 
                         -  Low Stock Management.
                         -  Order number Management.
                         -  Lowest price display.


USB-ISOPOT 100K Isolated Digital Resistor Box / Potentiometer:

The USB-ISOPOT 100K is an easy to use isolated resistor box and a NTC simulator for automated test applications (ATE). It provides an internal calibration EEPROM for better 1% accuracy.

Range:                   100 Ohm to about 100 KOhm.
Resolution              256 different values
SW:                        Command line, Python driver.
Interface                 Isolated USB, no additional power required.

USB 2D PSD Sensor readout with Hamamatsu S5991
USB - Resistror Box - NTC-Simulator

USB - 2D PSD Readout:

The USB -  2D PSD is an easy to use two dimensional sensor with analog and digital outputs providing all calculations in a FPGA for low drift analog and digital readout

Bandwidth:             DC to 50 KHz typ.
Gain                       1000 V/A
Photodiode            Hamamatsu S599x-01.
Interface                  USB, no additional power required.
Output                     SMB X,Y,intensity.

USB MPPC (SiPM) Module:

The USB MPPC is an easy  to use USB powered MPPC (SiPM)  module for non CW applications

Bandwidth:             DC to 50 MHz typ.
Gain                       10e5
Photodiode            Hamamatsu C13360.
Interface                  USB, no additional power required.
Output                     SMB  50 Ohm.
Mounting compatible to Hamamatsu C13365.

MPPC risetime with averaging
MPPC (SiPM) Sensor with Hamamatsu S13360

A1-5972-100M Photodiode Amplifier


The A1-5972-100M Photodiode Amplifier provides 

Bandwidth:             DC to 100 MHz typ.
Gain                       1000 V/A
Photodiode            Hamamatsu S5972.

Mounting compatible to Hamamatsu C8366.

USB2-NMOS 512 Camera with new Line Management:

The new USB2-NMOS 512 line  camera provides not only 
3.8 Klps continous data rate on Win OS. Additional it adds two digital inputs to store two external status signals together with the NMOS data. This makes the analysis of the data a lot easier.

Additional the two external trigger inputs can be used to store the NMOS data at four different locations in the data stream.

Two alternating read/write segments of up to 1024 scans of 512 pixels each ensure there is no missing data.

Mounting is compatible to the Hamamatsu C70xxx heads and the Thorlabs 60 mm Cage System.


Stencil Printer:

The SMT-PCB-A4 is an update  of the reliable MT-SP-A4 stencil printer precision manual stencil printer designed for prototypes and low volume production
Due to the optimized manufacturing process it was possible to improve the availability. Additional It offers improved precision, and better handling  

     View product video at Youtube.

Max pc-boardsize:                   105 mm x 180 mm.   
Min  pc-boardsize:                        7 mm x 5 mm.   
Double-sided PCB:                  Yes; max hight 8 mm.   

usb2  nmos line camera
Stencil Printer SMT PCB  A4

 Low Cost Mini Spectrometer for LED Evaluation:

The USB-VIS-OEM mini spectrometer is a low cost spectrometer designed for LED evaluation with very low noise due to onboard averaging.

Pixels...........................   288
Wavelength Range......   380 nm to 850 nm
ADC.............................   16 bit
Offset  .........................   8 bit
Onboard averaging.....   up to 64K
Interface.......................   USB 2.0 FS.


USB Mini spectrometer

 index last updated: 12/2023


LED Spektrum from USB mini spectrometer