BOM / Stock Manager with optional Price calculation

- Order your Parts in Minutes.

- Find your Stock Parts in Seconds.

bom manager display
  • This bom/stock management software is a low cost but powerful solution for small companies to manage production better and reduce administration work especially stock management and very simple and fast price calculation.

    This software helps to develop / manufacture / sell your products by

    - HTML output of  stock listing / overview with optional link to data sheets.
    - HTML output of  BOM with low stock components and link to component files.
    - HTML output for order number search
    - Low Stock warning
     - Mark components to order in any case
    - Find lowest price from multiple distributors
     -No stock mark of distributors

    - Bom price calculation of different board with different quantities.
    - BOM list and price calculation of all components of multiple bom
       with different - quantities
    - Order list of missing components of multiple bom with different quantities
    - Feeder management and optimization

    And optional:
    Calculation of time / price required to manufacture
    Calculation of share of developments costs
    Separate calculation of administration costs
    Components can include other components
    Free  Edition                  50  Feeder files no commercial use.
    Basic edition:               100  Feeder files,
    Standard edition:         500  Feeder files.
                                                  + PDF data sheet link.
    Premium edition:      1000   Feeder files incl. Standard edition
                                                  + partial components.
    Professional edition: 2000  Feeder  files incl. Premium edition
                                                  + time / price calculation.
    Free Eval edition            20 Feeder files only but professional edition features
                                                  No commercial use 

Download bomm demo and free edition  V. 0.72  (no commercial use )
                                   (6.5 MB)

Stencil Printer TM-SP-A4

Stencil-Printer  SMT-PCB-A4

The SMT-PCB-A4 is an update of the proven MT-SP-A4. It is a precision manual stencil printer (or screen printer) designed for prototyping small-series pc-boards down to 0.5 mm pitch of the smd parts. It is designed for prototype non framed stencils and can operate in the range from about 30 mm x 30mm to 200mm x 200mm.

Due to the patent pending design the repeatability for small-series pc-boards is limited only by the accuracy of the used pc-boards. The pc-board are fixed by anodized massive holders, so in most cases there is no need for a readjustment making small series, this reduces the time for printing significantly. By design the SMT-PCB-A4 is ready for double sides pc-boards.

    View product video at Youtube .

max pc-boardsize:                   105 mm x 180 mm.   
min  pc-boardsize:                        7 mm x 5 mm.   
repeatability:                              0.005 mm (Stencil, pc-board holder, stencil).   
pc-board thickness:                 1.0 mm and 1.6 mm.   
stencil thikness:                        about 80 m - 180 m steel, for no framed stencil only.
Double-sided PCB:                  Yes; max hight 8 mm.   
weight:                                        1.1kg.   
size:                                            170 x 280 x 45 mm.
Excellent price / performance ratio.


The SMT-PCB-AT) can be used as board holder for prototype tests too.

Just clamp the board between the board holders and connect the test points via a single sided chopper strip board and a single sided pc board on top of it.

The test board is a fast LED driver with a 74VHC04. The signal  is without ringing and has a rise time of about 6 ns, so this setup can be used up to 50 MHz.


The use of the SMT-PCB-A4 is not limited to rectangular pc-boards. Nearly any shape of pc boards can be printed.


  last updated: 08/2023