Software & Driver

Here you find software and drivers provided by khs-instruments. For software / driver updates contact khs-instruments please.


khs-calc is a programmable calulator for Windows 3.x / 9x / NT / W7 / W10 (32 / 64) .

Driver & Hardware specific Software:

Our hardware is configured automatically by the DLL shipped with the line scan camera. So all line scan products from khs-instruments run with the same software independent of number of pixels or ADC resolution

The easy to use API of the DLL provides a function to read the configuration of the camera, so for the user it is very easy to use the same software for different cameras.

First Steps using the khsdll.dll

We provide drivers for the following operating systems/compilers:

¤ Windows 95/98.

¤ Windows NT / 2000 / XP / W7-32 / W7 / W10 (32/64) (signed)

¤ Linux (under development).

¤ Borland C++ 3.0..5.0.

¤ Visual C++ 6.0 / VC express.

¤ Visual Basic 6.0.

¤ Labview (upon request).

last updated: 08/2017


Specifications are subject to change without notice